In #Magic We Trust!

Trust the magic of your creativity.
I have so much going on at the moment and I have much to say natheless I need time to soak up all my research into my soul.
Meanwhile, I want to talk about the magic of creativity and storytelling.
As a writer myself, I am still honing my skills.
I don’t have any interest in how to’s. I don’t have the top five ways to write a good character. I don’t have any tips or tricks on grammar or narrative structure. Most of it is guff anyway and if you’re interested in your craft and in your journey you will figure it out.
You’ll break the rules and do things in your own way.
Creativity is what I play with, dance with, and stand for.
Creativity and storytelling are a continual magical practice.
I’m interested in how giving yourself permission to do the thing that your heart calls for. I’m curious to know the creativity that cracks you open, allowing you to express yourself. To understand yourself and respect yourself.
We must defeat perfectionism. Love the untidiness of the beginning. Nurture that inner child. Accept the agonizing pain of the subpersonality that judges and demeans us.
When we are telling our stories, when we take the mask off, we are free from the traditional ideas.
Your creativity is what I’m drawn to.
Write about what you want to read!
Let the rest go.

5th Halloween Poem Contest – 1st Group Of Submitted Poems — — Writer’s Treasure Chest

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A view from my desk…

I have been meaning to get back to work on PJ, Rena, and John’s story but life happens. I can be fully prepared, knuckles popped, and pen poised only to have an important phone call or some other pressing matters to disrupt my work. 

How do other writers do this?

As of right now, I am brainstorming ideas to complete their story. It is taking longer than I expected. There has been a turn in events that I must iron out within this story. I don’t think John realizes the mess he’s gotten himself into. Hopefully, everything will pan out without him being eliminated. 

He’s got a lesson to learn for sure. PJ doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve so she gives the vibe that she doesn’t really care but she’s got a heart of gold. She’ll do what she needs to do then deal with the emotional side of it later. Kick butt now asks names later type. 

Rena, a garden fairy, is PJ’s friend and as you might notice, she is a bit clingy and it irritates PJ to no end. Flighty but feisty, Rena is, and y’all will see that soon.

So far we’ve got fairies, trolls, elves, and humans. Will there be more? 

I appreciate every one of yall.

Take care. 

Right of Passage. Draft. #Fantasy.

Right of Passage. Draft. #fantasy


Writers are Courageous — A Writer’s Path #reblog

by J. U. Scribe Writers are courageous. However what makes writers courageous? Usually when we think of the word “courage” we think of synonyms such as brave or fearless. We often associate those terms to high risk or dangerous occupations that involves putting your life on the line as well as others. Good […]

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Right of Passage. Draft. #fantasy

Right of Passage. Draft. #Fantasy. <— The beginning

*Again this is a wip rough draft. Needs plenty of editing.* CC is welcomed.

“John, what are you doing here?” The ropes slipped away like water evaporating.

“I told you I was leaving for the Elven City.”

“Yes, but for what?”

“You’ll see.”

Rena and I followed John down a long corridor. Flickering gas lamps hung on the dungeon walls. Water ran in lines down the walls into a thin ravine along the floor. The smell of wet cement permeated the air like rain hitting the hot pavement.

I glanced around like prey on guard for its life. My mind was racing with all the worse case scenarios. The Elves do not like humans messing around their city. My senses were on full alarm. We passed several empty cells. Some of them had bones. From what I did not know. 

Rena gripped my arm, “I sense fear here,” she whispered. 

“Well yeah, I’m scared as hell.”

“No, fear from the otherworld, my world. Something’s wrong,” she said as tears welled in her eyes. 

I tried removing my arm from her grip but she wouldn’t let go.

“Here, hold this dagger. It might help you feel better.”

“I’m a garden fairy not a killer.”

“I didn’t say you had to kill anybody just let go of my damn arm.” 

A red curtain was enclosed ahead. John pushed it to one side. I shielded my eyes from the bright room. Everything looked like it was made from emeralds. No elves were in sight.

“Where are the elves?” I asked as I stepped into the huge green room.

“I am the ruler here now,” John said. “The elves work for me.” 

“John, you can not do this. This isn’t your world.”

“As a usurper, yes I can.”

John sat on the crystal throne. As mesmerized as I was with the elven castle I couldn’t let my brother do this. After all, we are humans. We have no magic. Wait…

“How did you manage to take over the throne without magic?”

He wasn’t looking at me now. He just grinned like he was just so proud of the ugly he did twirling the wooden staff like a toy.

The staff. 

Right of Passage. Draft. #Fantasy.

Warning this is a breakneck read as I am still editing to flesh this out. Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Chapter One:

Dirt and leaves tangled in my hair as Rena pushed me to the ground. She pressed her hand over my mouth and whispered, “hush or they’ll hear you.” 

“First of all”, as I said getting up and flinging the ground liter from my hair, “don’t do that again. Second of all, I know about them and I’m sure they’ve already heard me coming a mile off. On top of that, you made us sound like thunder doing what you just did, so there’s that. I’m here because of them. I need their help”.

“What on earth could you possibly need help with that I cannot? 

Before I could answer, we heard giggling and the air smelled faintly of sweet apples. “Too late they’re already here”. Nope, I can’t forget that giggle. I’d know her from anywhere. “I know you’re there, Kityin, show yourself.”

“Well, looky who it is, Mave. It’s sneaky Rena.” 

I gave Rena a curious look and she shook her head as she said, “Long story, besides we’re here for you not me”.

Kityin circled me, “So who might Rena’s friend be and why do you need my people’s help?”

“Names PJ. I was told by a magie that I may be able to acquire help from the woodlands to find my brother. He left this note saying that he was going to the underground city, but I have no idea where that is or why he went and so I’m here.”

“Girl, you do not want to go there. Wherever your brother went, he is there to stay. There is no way out once a human enters the Elven city” Mave cautioned. 

“All the more reason why I need your help,” I said tucking the letter back in my pocket.

“Did you not hear just what I said? You will never leave.” 

“I don’t care. I need to find him. Just tell me where to go and I’ll leave you alone.”

“You humans never learn. That’s why we don’t mix because those that do never come out on the other side if you catch my drift.”

“I understand the risks. I can manage. If I don’t come out well I guess me and my brother will be pestering each other till we die.”

“Oh, no honey no no no…see you won’t find him. There are passages beyond passages. Each one leading to another time and place of the underground city.”

I was getting irritated with her hindering, “Gee, I wonder where these stories come from? If you’re not going to help me please get out of my way. Oh, and leave my friend here alone.”

“Fine. Your grave.”

Something materialized in her hands, “here’s a map to get to the entrance. After that, you’re on your own. Good luck.”

Once she vanished I took out my compass. “Looks like it’s going to be a long journey and these fairies aren’t any help. Wait…”

I turn to Rena, “aren’t you Faye?”

“Yeah, but not the kind you need.”

“So, you can’t help me.”

“I’m just a garden fairy. I don’t have the all-powerful magic like Kityin.”

Rena seemed upset about it so I didn’t inquire further. Descending from the edge of the forest we walked until we couldn’t walk anymore. Frankly, I was exhausted, “It’s almost dawn, let’s break then we we’ll continue”.

We didn’t even have time to sit before the sound of leaves being shuffled caught our attention. Rena grabbed my arm, touching me yet again, pushing me into a hollowed tree. 

She mouthed, “stay here” then left.

“Oh pahleeze, I already know you’re there.” bellowed a giant.

I stepped out of the tree and had to crank my head up until it hurt to see the tall creature standing before me. She was covered in leather and fur and carting a large ax on her back. I looked around and couldn’t see Rena anywhere.

The giant laughed thunderously, “a human among our forest. Do you know what happens to humans who trespass?”

Bravely I stood my ground, “I’m looking for the entrance to the Elven city.”

She bursted with laughter again, “no human goes there and lives to tell about it.”

“Please, just tell me how to get there and I’ll be on my way. I didn’t mean to trespass.” 

The big creature reached down with her big hand to grab at me. I fell to the ground and rolled away missing her hand. 

Rena appeared out of thin air, “HEY, OVER HERE!”

The creature seemed confused by her flitting around its head and started after her. The ground shook with every stomp and I struggled to stay on my feet. I didn’t know what to do and I wasn’t going to leave my friend. I readied my slingshot and hit its head. The ball did not damage as it bounced off. I went for my dagger but Rena came running for me. The creature stopped stomping, looked around, but couldn’t see us. Rena had cloaked us. We stood as still as possible and barely breathed. The creature, confused, started off and disappeared, “You won’t get away next time” she bellowed.

“What was …” but it was no use, she had gone and done it again. I pulled her hand away from my mouth and my glare reminded her, no touching. Quietly as we could I got the map out to redirect ourselves. The compass needle was spinning. The forest quickly grew dark and the trees seem to reach for us. We tried to run but something caught our legs and dragged us along the foliage. Next thing I know I hear a faint voice. 

“PJ, wake up.”

My hands and feet were tied up. My body felt like a big ol’bruise as I struggled to sit up. Everything looked and felt hazy, and my voice cracked, “we’re in the Elven city, aren’t we?”

“Shhh, the guards are right outside the door.” 

Rena tried to untie our ropes, but they tightened on their own, “magic ropes.”

Someone was opening the lock, “welcome to your new beginning.”

I couldn’t believe who was standing in the doorway. 


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If we were having a drink…

If we were having a drink…

I’d tell you that I’ve gotta go play 9ball at pool league tonight. Still can not bring myself to like the game but I’m not quitting. One, because I’ll be disqualified from any of the future tournaments. Two, I took on a challenge. I ain’t no quitter.

I’d tell you that my friend from last week’s post told me she was just playing and that she hadn’t heard from me. I don’t take kindly to someone only calling or texting me when they need something or when they come up for air, so to speak. I haven’t heard from her since I stopped texting first.

I’d tell you that I am going to start sharing a fictional story that I’ve been working on. I’ve been fearful of sharing my writing, except for some poetry. While I love constructive criticism (please do), there are those that feel that they need to say “you’re not good enough to be a writer.” A few days ago someone gave a very destructive criticism on someone’s twitter vss and then when they got confronted they put a bad review on the person’s book without buying it.

How are you? How’s your week?

Thank you for stopping by. I’d love to chat again.



If we were having a drink…


If we were having a drink, I’d ask how you were. When you say you are fine and ask how I am I will proceed to tell you I’m a nervous wreck. My anxiety is really heavy right now. I have two courses coming up next week to learn in the span of eight weeks. One is a psychology course and the other is part of my creative writing degree. Instead of a sit-in I chose online courses because of my anxiety. I’m not anti-social. I’m an introvert. 

If we were having a drink, I’d tell you I don’t like my best friend’s fiance. She is marrying a guy who took off and didn’t tell her why. Only to find out he is living with someone else. She asked me to accompany her on her wedding day. They’re jumping the broom so to speak. This will be her 4th marriage. I haven’t given her an answer.

If we were having a drink, I’d tell you I’m attending 9ball pool league tonight and I don’t like 9ball. But, I challenged myself. This is a 13 week session. I have 9 more weeks to go. By the end of the session I will decide if I want to quit and go back to 8 ball which is my favorite or continue to try for the cities. 

If we were having a drink, I’d ask you again how you were doing. So…how are you?

Another day

You try to smile it away.
But some things you can’t disguise.
It’s difficult but I live another day.
But you can see it their eyes.

Each day is like the other.
Growing darker with each passing hour.
Wanting no one to discover.
How much this darkness has power.

So you smile to keep them comfortable.
They don’t really want to know.
Their happiness is preferable.
Showing them a fake glow.

Another day, another disguise.
Another smile, another vice.
Depression sucks.

Altered Mood


As I sit here struggling with depression and anxiety I wonder if I’ll ever “knock it off” like people tell me to. So I conceal it. Fight my inner demons. Paint a smile on my face. I’ve conditioned myself to deal with this in silence. Besides, I don’t want to bring people down or burden anyone. Especially those that are close. They have their own problems. 

I don’t blame people for leaving or not knowing what to do. It’s okay. I’m fine. So I’ll say so they don’t leave. I’d rather listen to theirs instead. It keeps me from talking about me. It’s a feeling of permanent state of exhaustion that even sleep won’t help. 

I know it isn’t good to focus on the negative things. I know it’ll spiral into despair keeping me from seeing the bright side. Until the fog disappears, I can’t see it. The darkness grips me and doesn’t let go. Anxiety grips even harder. J.E. Skye’s poem makes me feel less alone. I wish I was alone. That no one had to go through these emotions.

Pain is telling myself to just be strong and hold on while staring in the mirror with a tear stained face.

So how do I endure this depression and anxiety with fortitude? Meditation. I refuse medication because I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I want energy not fatigue. Enjoying nature is one of my great escapisms. Just being by myself for a bit makes me feel so much better. Sitting in the cool summer grass, breathing in the clean air before the sun warms it, and sitting under a tree. Nature is where I find my peace.

Easier said than done right? I know. With the lack of motivation and the energy all I want to do is crawl under the covers and stay. I wish I never had depression or anxiety. Going to the emergency room because I feel like I’m having a heart attack isn’t fun or cheap. 

I am happy, hurting, and healing at the same time. Don’t ask me how I’m doing it because I don’t know, but I’m doing it and I’m so proud of myself.